The mind that asks the question, holds the answer. – unknown.

Remember the first day of elementary school? It was like stepping through a portal – into so called ‘adulthood.’ Remember the feeling of not being regarded as that little kid anymore – like the way you were in third grade; but you’re not an actual adult like an eighth grader either; you’re right in between… And ironically, it’s not the worst thing. All the freedom, no responsibility, and for my case the same campus; hence the advantage of maintaining your place in the ‘social hierarchy’ – and by that I mean getting to keep your break spot. 

You walk into your classroom, your harry potter pencil case releasing a slight thud as you drop it on your desk. ( I’ll forever be a Potterhead.😬) 

You eagerly wait for the teacher to come in; is it the one the fifth graders are always talking about.. is she really as cool as they say she is- this teacher? Or is she better? ‘Oh gosh please be better.’ you think to yourself- unconsciously tapping your feet now- anxious as any 9 year old would get. I mean you’d also get pretty anxious for the amazing plot twists on ‘The suite life on deck’ and ‘Cory in the house’ but things like dead line assignments, year end finals that will determine the rest of your life, and savings- meh; that was like German- completely foreign.  

You wait silently, pacing yourself as this teacher walks in. And all of a sudden as time goes by, and words leave her mouth, you feel inspired; you feel reborn. You feel like you can actually achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of- you could launch that paper plane into space and see it land on the moon! Yes, that’s how inspired you are… You know that you’re going to be someone huge; open up your own practice for when you become a doctor,or a coffee shop that will be the talk of the town; the go to, number 1 place to be. Brown walls, large windows, the chatter. Oh you can picture it now! You’ve made your peace with having horrible lighting (it fits in with the ambience you reassure yourself) ; but with the best coffee in the city- you let the little things slide.  

β€’ Back to the current day and age β€’

You’re 24 now, a common white collar at a regular firm; custom 9-5 job and all those other ‘amazing’ aspects to an absolutely normal and mainstream life. (Que absolute sarcasm) 

You’ve lost your moxy- you’ve lost that edge. That greatness you thought that was planted into your heart, has resurfaced through years of pain, normalcy and disappointment. It can’t grow now- unless you replough the soft sands of your heart, water it with tears of sincerity and belief, and let it bask in the light eminated by your perfect smile..  

Here’s the thing though, do you have the courage to go through with it; achieve your dream? Whatever it was, that made your eyes sparkle when you were little; lit a flame in your soul that couldn’t be extinguished- except by you.. 

The world is going to beat you down, rip you limb from limb, break you down to tears and walk away without even offering you a tissue- sounds like a blast; doesn’t it? (Sorry kids)

Here’s the thing though, and forgive me if I sound blunt- but everyone’s too busy fighting their own battles, challenging their own demons and making peace with their own pasts; so if you want to get back up- stop waiting for someone to pick you up; lend you a hand and be willing to listen to your story. Legends weren’t made from sympathy, they were made through perseverance. 

At the end of the day, you have to keep moving, keep laughing, keep loving, and keep helping others. There are too many bad vibes out there, too many vices that have resonated into our daily lives. But that doesn’t make us bad people- it makes us humans. We become good people, when we dont let these vices get to us. We rise above them; live beyond them; find serenity past them. 

Bottom line, if you think you can do something- you’re probably capable of it. If you say you can’t, well then no one will wonder if you could have except you.. And your mind holds a billion unanswered questions; to which most of the answers; if not all, you possess. 

So let that little elementary school kid run free, let their dreams run wild; and don’t be limited by taxes, gym schedules and whatever. 

Unleash that part of you, ever so unforgivingly.. 

Self recognition; what an important part of human feelosophy. 🌚🌸 

Thanks for coming back to have a read!! 

See you soon! 



Hello world! πŸ™‹πŸ»


Thank you for visiting my blog. 

I don’t know what it is that May have brought you here- maybe a random/accidental click, or following the link from my Instagram/ Twitter page. What ever the case, thank you for stopping by!  

I think my first post should be an introduction, so as to build an establishment on what my blog is really about, and what you can expect from it. 

Many people choose to write blogs, for all  sorts of reasons. Be it on parenting methods, cooking recipes, organizational techniques, or maybe just sharing general advice and know- how; people have an inner desire to pass along their knowledge and experiences that have taken place in their lives. 

I don’t know why that is, to be perfectly honest with you. Perhaps it’s to prove something; that no matter our differences, no matter how we pay our bills, get on with life, and like our morning coffee; we are all humans who feel and somewhat react in the same way when exposed to a certain scenario in our lives. 

I’ve grown rather exasperated by how much we have expounded on our differences, that we have left no room to discuss our similarities- like how we all smile when we see a baby laugh, or how we all get really excited when we’re looking at our favorite meal on the dinner table..  (Yes, oh yes!)

I therefore, want to use this blog, to remind ourselves, that no matter our race, ethinticity, religion, bank balance, dress size and the works, we are all people and we should love and understand one another; along with understanding and loving ourselves. 

I will use this blog to expound on my personal experiences along with some random bursts of my hobbies.  You can expect a random poem, recipe, pictures or a travel write up any time soon! 

I’m not going to bore you much longer but I’ll just end with a bit of poetry that I had come up with: 

β€˜We built our walls and separated ourselves, We thought we were too different to coexist, We hadn’t 

understood that God had made us so different, Only to bring us closer;               For I represent my own story, and you yours; And it is accepted by the universe; and all therein. We still live in harmony and we are remembered for our actions, we are kept alive by the kindling flame of hope, and we are all in dire need of someone to love; and to be loved.’

So that’s it for now, I shall return soon with more. πŸ™πŸ»

Thanks for tuning in!